Today’s fast paced world of technology has provided Pritchett Analytics with the tools and knowledge to autonomously analyze system performance with our Continuous Commissioning Manager program. Using the Pritchett Analytics Continuous Commissioning Manager program, our customers enjoy the benefits of their BAS being continuously monitored 24/7, 365 days per year.

Customers no longer need to wait for a scheduled on-site visit to search for issues. CCM works in the background to identify issues with your BAS, provide a monthly report to quantify and prioritize recommended repairs, and identify actual utility costs associated with wasted energy from the faults found. All for the same annual cost of current industry-standard BAS maintenance contract pricing.

Best of all, the Pritchett Analytics CCM program is compatible with all manufacturer’s open protocol system. Put your building data to work by implementing Pritchett Analytics Continuous Commissioning Manager. Save Time. Save Money. Keep tenants happy!