Company Profile

With expertise in green technologies in a wide variety of building applications, Pritchett Controls is a veritable one-stop shop for building automation and energy optimization solutions. From lighting to security to HVAC, we improve building performance and your bottom line.

A leader in the use of open protocols such as BACnet, LonWorks, and Modbus, we are committed to the concept of open systems and customer choice. We believe that in an environment where customers can freely choose, performance will become the most significant factor in selecting a solutions provider.

Our proven track record gives us great confidence that we will succeed in such an environment. Headquartered in Beltsville, MD, Pritchett Controls also operates branch offices in Manassas, VA, Salisbury, MD, Owings Mills, Md and New Market, Md. Whether you’re located in Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia, Pritchett Controls is close by and ready to assist you in meeting your goals.

Who We Are


Unprecedented systems integration capabilities and strong experience in HVAC, lighting and security control systems.


An unequaled commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to be a partner rather than a vendor.


With open protocols, we give our client’s the freedom of choice while unleashing the power of integrated systems. With open business practices, we provide our clients with the confidence that they have selected the right partner for today and for the future.
Our Mission

 Our company mission is to provide each client with state-of-the-art technology solutions and a strong commitment to service in order to improve the quality of their building environment.

A simple plaque has adorned Jerry Pritchett’s wall from the day our business began which states “We sell Performance. Do what you say you’re going to do!” This message is the embodiment of how we wish for our clients to view us – as a respected and trustworthy partner that consistently delivers results.

Company History
For decades, the Barber-Colman Company had operated wholly-owned branch offices in several key metropolitan areas without success. In an effort to reverse those fortunes, the company developed a business concept for the establishment of joint ventures with local entrepreneurs to replace those struggling offices. These joint ventures would combine Barber-Colman’s financial and technological strengths with the talents and local market knowledge of the entrepreneur. Barber-Colman had identified the Washington DC market as one of the primary targets for this joint venture concept. Jerry Pritchett was the ideal candidate to be the local owner in this arrangement. He along with his friend and partner, Len Bainbridge, (a Vice President of a major Controls company), formed Barber Colman-Pritchett on March 1, 1987.
The Barber-Colman Company was acquired by Siebe plc in 1988 and was merged with Robertshaw, another Siebe holding, to become Siebe Environmental Controls. For several years, the Barber-Colman and Robertshaw brands were marketed and represented separately.
Under Jerry and Len’s leadership, the company enjoyed consistent growth and was frequently recognized by Siebe as a top performer. In 1998, Barber-Colman Pritchett acquired the existing Siebe/ Robertshaw branch office in Washington DC. The company name was changed to Siebe-Pritchett to reflect its’ representation of the entire Siebe product offering. In that same year, the Company extended its’ territorial agreement with Siebe Environmental Controls to include Baltimore, central Maryland, and Maryland’s Eastern Shore.
Just one year later in 1999, Siebe plc merged with BTR plc and became Invensys. To reflect this name change, Siebe-Pritchett became Invensys-Pritchett. Six years later, we would change our name one last time.

In 2005, Jerry Pritchett successfully negotiated the purchase of Invensys’ equity position in Invensys-Pritchett. In all of these name changes, Pritchett was the one constant and so the new name, Pritchett Controls, Inc., seemed both new and familiar at the same time. Immediately after completing the acquisition in 2005, Jerry began the process of establishing an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Jerry’s desire to establish the ESOP was fueled by his goal to perpetuate the business and to reward the Company’s employees for their contributions to its’ continuing success. In 2007, the ESOP Trust was legally established and our ownership structure has become a truly differentiating characteristic of our Company. Every company vehicle proudly bears our “Employee-Owned. Employee-Powered.” logo.

In the past decade, Pritchett Controls has enjoyed truly dramatic growth throughout the geography that we serve. In order to establish operational bases closer to key customers, the Company opened a branch office in Salisbury, MD in 2006 and a second branch office in Manassas, VA in 2008. Branch office in Owings Mills, Md in 2020 and the branch office in New Market, Md in 2021.