Regardless of your building type or application, Pritchett Controls is the lighting partner of choice.


Savings Without Compromise
Saving energy doesn’t have to mean sacrifice. With energy efficient lighting solutions from Pritchett Controls, you can save up to 70% of your current lighting-related energy consumption without sacrificing light quality. As a leading provider of LED lighting solutions along with a wide array of control options, Pritchett Controls can help you shine a brighter light on energy savings.
From new fixtures to retrofit kits to lamp replacements, we can improve your light levels while significantly improving your bottom line. We can further optimize your energy savings through the use of wired and wireless control solutions including occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and time-of-day scheduling. Our team of dedicated professionals will audit your facility, identify savings opportunities, and propose the right technical solutions for interior and exterior lighting applications.

Pritchett Controls is a registered trade ally with BGE, Delmarva Power, Pepco, and SMECO. Our experience and expertise with available rebate programs ensures that you will receive the best value for your lighting improvement project. Attractive financing options are available to better enable you to move forward without delay.